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Two Days of Sit-Down, Face-to-Face Meetings with Pre-Screened Prospects

MARCH 10-12, 2025


It’s Not a Tradeshow… Not Even Close

The School Bus Summit is your new way to engage senior-level decision-makers from public and private student transportation fleets with with 20 or more vehicles. It’s not a trade show or traditional conference . . . not even close. There are no booths, no hassles and best of all — no hoping that a decision-maker walks down the aisle and stops by. The School Bus Summit is a unique experience where you’ll share two days of private meetings and social activities with pupil transportation fleet directors you’re interested in meeting, and who are interested in meeting with you.


You’ll Meet Pre-Screened Directors Who Are Looking for Solutions

Pupil Transportation Fleet Directors come to our summit because they want to make smart buying decisions. They want to hear what’s working for their peers, and what’s not. They’re looking to learn about the latest products and services in the marketplace. And most important, they want to meet the people behind those solutions. You’re going to meet with decision-makers who are pre-screened. You’ll know what they want, what they need, and just as important, what’s keeping them up at night. It’s a qualification process you won’t find anywhere else in the marketplace.


Supplier Participation Spots Are Limited

The summit limits suppliers and only a few per product category. This ensures that the delegates are seeing the range of solutions and resources within the 48-hour time frame. And your competitors can’t outspend you with a massive booth or an army of sales execs. Each company gets to send two of their best relationship builders, and we take care of the rest.

A Custom Agenda Based on Your Needs

You’ll walk into The School Bus Summit with a custom and unique agenda. You’ll have seen a complete profile of every delegate including the challenges they’re looking to solve in the next 6 to 18 months. They’ll have seen a description of the capabilities that you provide. Our proprietary matching system will then generate a personalized agenda that includes private boardroom presentations, one-on-one meetings, matched meals and memorable social activities with the prospects you want to meet, and who want to meet you.

You’re the Main Attraction

The content of the Summit is user-generated, meaning you’ll be seen and heard by an exceptional group of buyers. You’ll present to delegates in TED-like 20-minute presentations.  You’ll engage them in moderated roundtable discussions. You’ll sit between them in matched meals. And you’ll engage them in one-on-one conversations that are all driven by our proprietary matching system.  There’s nothing left to chance in 48-hours of dynamic engagement with a pre-screened audience.

An All-Inclusive Solution Without The Hassles

With one price, everything is included. Your resort rooms, airport transfers, meals, a/v, and even the bar tab is all covered.  There are no booths, no exhibitor manual and never anyone else with whom you’ll need to provide payment.  At the Summit, we want you to focus on meeting prospects, not meeting planning. And it’s all at a cost that’s similar to what you’d pay for at a national tradeshow. The experience has limited supplier spots, so please call us today for more information!

Don’t take our word for it…


"The opportunity to meet one on one with decision makers and agencies that are or have expressed interest in our services is absolutely unmatched in any other 'trade show' format."

"The organization of all the events was well conducted and well communicated. We found that the strategic opportunities to develop relationship with the school Directors were well planned. The one-on-one opportunities were the best part of the Summit. Our hope is to cultivate the relationships into sales."

Call us today for more information on our proprietary matching process

and the Summit cost!

Our Team


Zach Kacey



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